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I completed my third session of the week yesterday. I do this session during my lunch break, so I dashed to the track in a hurry and realised I had the wrong trainers on 😩 I didn't have time to change so it was a best efforts run. I managed to complete the session although my legs just feel so heavy! Is there such a thing as being heavy footed? I feel like the ground is going to shake with each step I take, although the trainers probably didn't help! I think I'm going to stick with week 1 for another week before moving on. I have a fitness test tomorrow for my health care so I'm quite intrigued to see how that pans out. Overall feeling much better! Already noticing a difference to my body shape. Although I should mention that I have been walking for a few weeks prior to starting c25k and I have been loosely following a diet plan.

Random question; I have to drive to the track where I run, when you all run, where do you put your keys?? I have mine in a pocket but they bounce and rattle and it's too distracting!

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I take off just the car key and my door key and leave the rest at home. I think everyone doubts they can do the next week, I know I do, have a crack at week 2 see how it goes.

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Hello, Well done! I know, where to put stuff when running is a bit of a pain! take least keys as possible, be careful if open pocket they could bounce out! 😱

You could wear a waist (bum)bag.. I've worn one a few times and found OK running.

Could have been down to your trainers, hopefully your step will improve as you go on, if not, look into lighter trainers with more Cushioning, keep it up your doing great!..😊


I put my keys in a wrist pouch when running. I wear it a lot now even to work pop my keys ID n some cash n don't have to carry my hand bag any more. I also have arm band to hold my phone which has a little key pocket but not quite big enough for me as need to carry several keys n a fob.

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Well done! Take it at a pace to suite yourself... if you need to re run then do it... :)

I agree with my lovely friend davelinks .. cushioning...?

I have one of these.. it does what it says.. very comfortable and not a distraction.. put as little or as much in the two pockets. I take.. a key and my sugar free Polos!

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