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Week 5 - just going slower and breathing more

Week 5. The dreaded Week 5. Two down, the 20-minuter to go. I'm now running around the reservoir. Correction, partly around. Before turning back and walking home. Although after the pre-walk to the reservoir I need a good long rest before I start Laura.

I keep hearing it's not really about the 5K, it's about being able to run for a non-stop 30 minutes. Why then, in just week 5, am I being asked to run for a non-stop 20? A huge leap. Surely an error that some how slipped through. Too late to fix it, we'll just say it's all part of the programme. Trust the programme. Don't question the programme.

I remember the 20 minute run from my previous attempt at this 4 years ago. I think I managed it okay. I'm at that point where I wonder if I am actually getting any fitter or is my body just figuring out how to cope - is there any difference? With each subsequent run all I'm really doing is just going slower and breathing more.

The 3x a week training really just enforcing new habits, conditioning, the ritual and rigmarole of putting on the costume, the armband, of bluetooth pairing and stashing the backdoor key in the funny pouch. If I just briefly stop to think about what I'm actually doing as I'm bent double balanced on the edge of the bed peeling on and off my weird legging things (I really don't want to call them tights), I'd stop.

I think the novelty is wearing off, the prospect of levelling up each week less addictive now.

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Go with as required, ask no questions, do not think about any aspect, and eat the programme when you have completed it! :) :) is correct and is about Stamina and running for 30 minutes and not about 5K... so you are completely fine!!!!

Just run... run and enjoy.. forget time, distance or anything... slow as you like, take in the scenery... it is a journey, not a race:)

Sometimes, we just try too hard and are looking for something that isn't there?

As my friend Nick_Buddha_12 might say...

"By letting go.. it all gets done"

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Hmmm have read back to your original posts from when you 1st started.

Being devils advocate here but are you doing this because you want to and want to do something positive or because you think you should?

Having tried to stop smoking a 3 or 4 occasions before I finally did, I know there is a difference.

The program is what it is , it works we are all testiment to that, are you expecting to much of the program and or yourself ?

Come on Steve, if you really want to do this, you can and you will .

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As you say steve the programme works and we've all had a panic attack when we've seen what was coming up in W5R3 but you've done it before and you will do it again.

I think getting fitter does mean our bodies learn to cope better with the demands we put on them and isn't that just the best thing ever? With each run you are getting stronger and fitter. It might not seem like it but you are.

You can't feel the love every run and sometimes you have to dig very deep to find the reason why we do what we do. But once found, it's a life changing, magnificent force that has the power to change bodies, minds and lives. I hope this happens for you.

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their is a simple choice, trust the programme and do the work and you will get the results. or don't and don't

we cant tell you which to do.

we can only encourage you complete it and get the health and mental benefits we have in doing so.

wish you the best get those running shoes on :-)


Just had to add that you're doing brilliantly. Don't fret about feeling slower. This is normal as the runs are getting harder. Slow is very good. Keep at it.


Aw Steve !

Youre still doing the programme and youre still posting on here so that's a good thing , yes ? :-)

Its really up to you whether to continue, BUT you have come this far , so why not carry on and see how you feel a bit further down the line , say after Week 5 Run 3 ? ;-)

If that doesn't make you feel like a superhero in your tights, nothing will !

Plus , it would be such a shame if you left , we all love reading your funny posts ! ( And your tags )

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

* Dangles fried egg sarnie on the end of a big stick *

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