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W7R3 smashed it!!!

This was by far my most favourite run yet!! I've ended up having two rest days between run two and run three and wow what a difference!

I felt so good all the way, on the other runs this week I had been getting about halfway and starting to feel really breathless and tired and not sure I could carry on (always did after a quick pep talk) but today's run felt totally different. I was literally grinning the whole way, and buzzing by the end. I could almost sprint the last minute when Laura suggested I pick up the pace a bit!

This programme just doesn't stop surprising me about what I'm capable of. I love it!!

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Well done! Fab that your hard work is paying off!

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Woohoo! Well done Bluewings, you are going to LOVE the next two weeks, judging by how much you enjoyed this one!

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