W9 R1

Note to self :

1. tie shoe laces correctly before commencing a run !!

2. stopping mid run to tie shoe laces knocks the stuffing out of my rhythm

3. push start button on stop watch when I start running no some time during the run

4. 5.48 KM no idea how long it took

5. BE AMAZED at progress in a little over two months ( inc IC time )

hope everyone is doing well


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  • That happened to me on Fri's run annoying isn't it,and well done on the 5.48km.

  • yes frustrating :-) but hey ho

    thank you

  • Great advice for your "learnt" wisdom;)

  • Lessons in life...

    "The only real mistake we make, is the one from which we learn nothing" ?

    So you are doing just fine :)

    Great distance and great post :)

  • TY :-)

  • Fantastic!

  • Definitely be amazed at your progress and delight in it. Doing great Nick, very nearly there.

  • I had the shoelace problem and the advice here was to use elastic lock laces. Got a pair through Ebay - they're very cheap - and no further stops en route, which is a great relief in the Parkrun when my best time is v. slow and tying a shoelace makes it pathetically slow.

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