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Starting the plan again!

Hello! I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to introduce myself. I have been doing the Couch to 5k plan off and on since last summer but never completed it in full due to lack of motivation. Now I am starting again with my first run tomorrow as I commence the 12 week weight loss plan.

I look forward to hearing all your stories and sharing my updates too!

With this sunny weather I am confident this will help too in me finally completing the plan :)

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Yeay.. welcome...:) This time,you will do it!

What a great time to start again! Sunny days are en-route..hopefully! Lighter healthy food options too, loads of green goodness :)

Hope your run goes well... keep it slow and keep it steady; for most of us, that is the way. As you know, already, the programme is intended to build us up slowly, to the 30 minute run and if you follow it you will get there. :)

Linked with the weight loss plan..brilliant.. go you! :) Keep posting and get the support from some of the wonderful and well - experienced folk on here...I still get loads of useful advice.

"We can't become what we wish to be, by remaining as we are. Let go of the old you, and start to become the new you."

Go for it :)

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Hi @GetHealthyWon,

Running is a wonderful activity and everybody can do it but it is not necessary everybody's cup of tea. I am mentioning this because the real "challenge" is not completing the programme but to find the motivation and keep running after you did it.

I do not mean to discourage you and, if you decide to give it another go, we will all be here to support and cheer you but you might also want to consider other activities that get you more excited so that it will be easier for you to find the motivation and be active.

Welcome to the community and keep us posted! ;)


Like you I've restarted the programme a couple of times but due to injury. My physio advised don't run so fast and don't run uphill. I've just started week 7 and it really does get easier. The only problem I have now is finding somewhere to run 5km. When I'm at home I can drive to a local park but if I'm away it can be really difficult to find somewhere flat enough. At the end of week 6 Laura said "you're a runner now" Hooray :) Coincidentally, before I knew she was going to say that I'd just started running in proper running gear.

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Go for it and keep us posted. The forum is really great and should help with your motivation.

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