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Week 6 done!

Hi all just finished WK6 R3 yesterday and feel ok was really surprised that I managed the 25min run without slowing or stopping albeit done on a running machine but as other good folk on here have stated a run is a run. Onwards now to Wk7 determined to graduate I think the advise on Wk5 to do it again was very good as there's a lift in difficulty at that point and I think it helps with Wk6.

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Snap, I also found W6R3 quite manageable at the weekend which is amazing when you look back at where you've come from, isn't it?

Note that we've done that run, looking forward to the next few weeks isn't as daunting. What's another five minutes, eh?!

Well done, x


Hi thanks for the comment as for that extra 5mins time will tell.


Slow, steady and treadmill or not, you are getting there... Well done.

Focus on how far you have come, and try not to worry about the future runs.. you will do this!


Hi thanks for the comment determined to complete and then carry on.


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