Injured during gait analysis! How stupid is that?

Injured during gait analysis! How stupid is that?

Went to get a gait analysis and new trainers (graduation present to myself).

Jumped on the treadmill - tried on different trainers, and while I was on the fourth pair - snap - something happened in my right calf muscle. And it hurt. Like hell. Ouch!

Didn't tell the nice sales person about it - just bought the best trainers (same as yours, Pushing60, nice ones!) and hurried home on my bicycle and iced the muscle for a while.

It's been 9 hours now, and it's still bloody painful, but it's getting better.

Perhaps my vacation in Greece won't be a running adventure after all.

Right now I'm feeling really stupid and sorry for myself but I'm sure tomorrow when I see Greece from above, I'll be alright again.


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25 Replies

  • Doh!

    Let's hope it's just a little twinge.

  • Oh no!!! Rest it up but still pack those gorgeous new trainers!.. like Dunder I hope it's just a wee twinge.

  • Yep, everything looks better when you are in vacation on a beautiful island in a crystalline sea...

    But, seriously, be extra cautious, whether you will jog or simply hike during your stay, and if it still hurts by the time you are back go straight to a doctor.

    Enjoy Ithaca!

  • Will do, Secan. Thanks

  • Oh no! Poor you. Hope it heels quickly and the warmth of the Greek sun helps. Pack those trainers anyway.

  • Packed already :-)

  • Lovely trainers. Shame you're injured. Rest up.

  • Oh no, poor you - nice trainers though.

    If you can, ibuprofen or diclofenac gel is great and will ease any swelling in the area and offer a bit of pain relief.

    I hope that you are up and running again soon - maybe take your kit on holiday and see how you feel.

  • Too bad I don't have any of those types of gel. But the ice is doing its job, and it is getting better. I've packed my kit.

  • Oh Iben ! Poor you , that sounds so painful !

    I would take them on holiday with you just in case, see how you feel . Put Ibuprofen gel on it before you go to sleep tonight.

    Fingers crossed that its just a twinge, I really hope you feel better soon xxx

    PS: Gorgeous shoes, btw :-) xxx

  • No gel in the house, I'm afraid, but lots of ice.

  • Tough luck, Oven ( as my android spell checker insists on calling you...not permitting your real name)....I apologise.

    Take it easy, but when you feel things snap it is not good news, so please be patient and get professional advice if it does not improve soon.

  • Hi Ian, Oven here. Taking it easy is the only way when it hurts this bad. I couldn't run if I tried, I can walk but I'm limping.

    I knew right away that the snap feeling wasn't a good sign.

    My brother is a GP (and an experienced long distance runner) - maybe I should give him a call for some advice - but I'm afraid it is quite simple - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation - until the pain is gone. Could be just days but it could also be weeks, months even... I really hope my injury is in the days-category...

  • Oh Iben, I'm so sorry, I must have misunderstood, I didn't realise that you had heard a snap !

    Yes I think a call to your brother wouldn't go amiss.

    Good luck xxx

  • Didn't hear it (I think), just felt it. It was a sharp pain that came out of - nearly - nowhere.

  • maybe have a nice rest on the IC in greece if needed, oh how the other half live! Hope it feels better soon.

  • Relaxing on a taverna with some wine, greek salad and lots of olives... I think I'll live!

  • I am NOT jealous at all :( Have you any room in your suit case? ;)

  • You have good taste! 😊

    I think that's 2 new pairs of shoes that won't be over-used in the next week or so.

    Went out for a test run today after a week off due to a sore foot. Unfortunately a weeks rest wasn't enough and I gave up halfway through W6 R1 and walked home after the 8 minute run.

    I know it's my own fault, I knew it still wasn't 100% but was desperate to be on the move again, especially after a few minutes on treadmill yesterday and new shoes too.

    I really hope your recovery is swift, follow the advice of those who know best but most importantly enjoy that holiday!

  • Yes, we do have good taste, don't we!

    And now we need to fully recover, both of us. No more test runs until walking feels completely normal, promise?

  • Promise!

  • Ouch.... ! Take the advice.. and happy healing x

  • Hope it is recovering. I tore my calf muscle on week 5 and have now had seven weeks on the injury couch - can now walk a couple of miles with only a little discomfort/ache but definitely no running. I had had several physio sessions and ice and stretch 3 X day. Like you I have brand new lovely shoes just waiting to be worn!!! But unlike you I'm not jet setting on holiday - so ENJOY and rest up!

    Ps advice was not to run till both legs feel the same again and I can walk without pain/ discomfort, expect it to be 2-3 months .

  • 😧😧 Oh no, I am going to have to see a psychologist rather than a physiotherapist if I have to spend that long on the IC. Though this particular Greek IC isn't bad at all.

  • It's driving me mad but I don't want to start C25k again till both legs feel the same after a walk!

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