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W8 R3

was planning to run last night but cooked and eat instead, didn't fancy running on a full tummy.

so up and at it this morning without Laura and guardians of the galaxy soundtrack instead for company.

today I focused on pushing through the tough bits of the run ( hills )

result was first a very sweaty t shirt by 15 mins and second legs were feeling it by 25 mins then realising I had the chance to get under 30 mins I pushed on again in last

5 mins. result 29:55 I ran on to complete the extra 5 seconds

really pleased its a non official personal best :-) but then again every time I get out and run is a personal best compared to the sofa surfing which was my sport of choice prior to C25K

my daughter started the programme this morning with her friend as they have been impressed by the change in me !! go figure :-)

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And *you* want *me* to run in the rain?!? That's double standards! :D

(Great hill workout; very well done! ;) )

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point taken :-) :-)

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