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Starting week 4

I did w4r1 today too and had to walk for 20 seconds in the second half of the second 5 minutes 😫 I had left calf pain, which i've had on the last couple of runs and have tried to ice and rest well, but that flared up on the second 3 minute run, plus stitch (ironically I couldn't properly Laura's advice properly as it hurt too much!) and that awful feeling of exploding lungs again that I thought I'd overcome at the end of week 2!

I was so disappointed, but after shaking myself down, I realised that the 3 minute ones were fine and I completed the whole first 5 min run completely so I should lighten up on myself... 3 weeks ago I was practically crying over 1 minute! Just need to sort out this darned breathing!

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Oh you poor thing - that sounds so painful - sounds like you did so well to finish it despite all that. I know how disappointing it is to have a tough day - but like u say compare it to running just 60 sec in the first week and be proud of how far you've come. I'm only finishing week 4 so have no great advice to offer - take care and good luck with the rest 🍀🍀🍀


The best stretch I do for my calves (it's good for stretching the achilles tendon too apparently) is to stand on the bottom step of the stairs with the front ball of the foot at the edge, and slowly lower your heels over the edge. I found this helped a lot and stretching when I've finished has also helped significantly too. I also bought some calf compression sleeves for when I run and despite how dubious I was about them, I think they have helped.


Firstly... you are doing well. :)

Now, try to think calmly about your run. The calf issue,...try a few more exercises on your rest days. The strength and flex link on the NHS site, I feel is particularly helpful..I did those on rest days and still do use them.

The breathing. Slow and steady running and try, I know it is hard to just steady it, in time with your steps. There are certain yoga techniques which may help, when you are resting. I have put this link... very basic but has illustrations!

Practising the breathing resting, it may help in your run. Do you over breathe or under breathe in everyday life?

I feel the main focus is to slow right down...maybe some walking as well, before you take your run, this link I think has some good tips.

See how you go and stay focussed

" Do not forget to look back, to see how far you have come." :)


hi, don't be hard on yourself, I've had barriers too that have been disheartening, could of easily given up quite a few times. Just keep going, I've stayed on certain weeks until I felt ready to move onto the next....keep going, your doing great, you will smash those barriers!! :)


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