Week 3 Day 2

Beautiful morning for today's run. I woke up early and just got up and went. It is such an amazing way to start the day although might not be as great when it's raining. I found the second run of week 3 a bit harder than the first. So to add some extra runs in for those that I skipped in Week 1 I am going to do five of Week 3. I just read another post about breathing as I struggle to breathe in through my nose and just end up gasping for breath but realise now I just need to do what's right for me and take it steady. I can't believe how much I am loving this and I look forward to the next run.

3 Replies

  • Well done! You are absolutely right with the breathing, you just need to do what is best for you. It's sounds like you are doing great!

  • I'm going to head out and do W3 R2 in a minute. It's a beautiful morning after all, which definitely helps! I also find it hard to breathe through my nose and am doing what's right for me too. We've both got this far so whatever we are doing must be working! :)

  • Strangely I found w3r2 harder on Friday than r1... That 2nd 3 mins was tough! I am going to try w3r3 this eve if I feel up to it, just finished night shift so don't anticipate it feeling easier but want to have another go. I'm not sure why but I'm finding I find early evening runs easier than the morning ones. And as for breathing, well I'm just kind of glad if I am still breathing at all at the end of it at the moment... I tried Laura's in for 4 and out for 4 that she talked about on week 2, but was concentrating so hard on that that I nearly tripped over!!

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