Second wind?

Went for my long run today as part of my training for the Great South Run, for the first mile my breathing was quite hard and I thought I was going to struggle, but gradually my breathing improved as if I got second wind. By the time I finished my 7.25 miles I felt as if I could continue running but resisted the urge and sticking to the running plan.

Next week my long run will increase by another 10% and take me to an 8 mile distance, things are looking good to reach my 10 mile goal by Oct, keeping my fingers crossed! Happy and safe running to everyone for your weekends running.

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  • Well done Frank , you are doing brilliantly !

    Funny isn't it how sometimes we can think runs aren't going too well and then before we know it - WHOOOOSH we're off !

    Excellent job, you are going to do soooo well in the GSR , I just know it ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Chris, but I'm still trying to catch up with your super human exploits, the amount of bling you have collected recently

  • Sorry finger trouble again, getting excited with all them medals you have on display. Have you got them insured? 😊xxx. Parkrun for you tomorrow?

  • Ha ha , Hey I have just signed up for another one !

    I am doing a 10k next Sunday, no bling but a very posh bath towel ! :-)

    Yes I am doing Parkrun tomorrow all being well , I didn't do it last week due to that athletics meeting I went to , but apparently they had to change the route as a lady was stuck up a tree and the fire brigade had to come to get her down as she had climbed up it but then was too frightened to climb down ! :-D xxx

  • I think you have reached the heady heights of stardom, I think you must be Bionic (superwoman).

    Best of luck for next weeks 10k, and as they would say have trainers will travel! xxx

  • Ha ha , thank you Frank , you are really kind :-) xxx

  • And they think runners are mad! 😊

  • Ha ha , I know ! I don't think I have ever climbed a tree in my life, I don't do heights :-) xxx

  • Hope you enjoy tomorrow's Parkrun, I can feel another PB coming along for you! 😊 It's a rest day for me tomorrow, so I'm a volunteer marshal at the local Parkrun. You never know might be able to scrounge a free cup of tea. xxx

  • Thanks Frank , it took me a year to get below 35 minutes :-)

    I will give it my best shot as always :-)

    Enjoy your marshalling tomomorrow

    Hey , you might even get a biscuit with your cuppa tea ! :-) xxx

  • Well done 😁 hope you enjoy it I had similar experience on my long run last week but for a whole 3 miles til I got into rhythm ha ha it's all in the mind I think I mentally talk myself out of it 😀

  • Thank you Dawn, it's funny really as the first mile was nearly all downhill, I think you may be right it's all in the mind. Enjoy your runs this weekend. 😊

  • Fab stuff. It sounds as if you're taking the extra miles in your stride!

  • Thank you IP, I hope it continues. Enjoy your weekend runs. 😊

  • Ah great south run in lovely pompey, hope you enjoy it. It's a lovely course (so long as it's not wet and windy!).

  • Thank you, I shall use the Southsea parkrun soon to get a taste of running along the seafront. I use The Havant parkrun as my local run. I hope you enjoy you runs this weekend.

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