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Just done run 1 of week 8, I kept going again for this one and got pretty far. Was thinking of doing parkrun but -> list of excuses:

1: I kept waking upin the night with an extremely sore right achilies/ankle, I didn't try but I don't think I would have been able to walk on it. It was strange though as when I got to my normal waking time ~9:30 It was absolutely fine

2: didnt get to sleep till 2 am and waking up (see excuse (1))

3: see (1) and (2)

OK sorry about that, the pain was odd as Ive just done a long run and it was normal pain territory, has anyone experienced that before/ know what its about?

Anyway things are going good weight and running wise, I'm 1 kg down on my last run, which is going to help a lot. I did a comfortable pace run, when the time went I carried on till I got to 5K then slowed down even more and carried on even longer. I used 3 tracking devices (2 phone apps and my gps watch so I will check them to see how they compare) I already noticed my gps watch says I burnt about 1000kcal whereas one app on my phone that did the same but with an extra 5min warmup only clocked 600..) So there is something.

Sorry for rambling! Hope everyone is doing well!

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love the post! The gremlins may have had something to do with the list of excuses, I had plenty too. Anyway I think you were right to rest and there is plenty of time to do it soon!! I am not sure how reliable calorie counters are, I get different results with different apps, but the one that's typically higher, is one which has my weight so I decided I prefer it! (nothing to do with the fact it gives me a better number) well done on the weight coming off to!

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Hey many thanks :) Blooming gremlins!! Aye I'm happy with the biggest one too :) Since I'm losing weight quite fast it makes sense, I always convert calories as 1g fat = 9kcal, even though I'm dieting too there's still a lot of kcal to be accounted for. It is 2v1 though as my c25k app has a low kcal although it wasn't on for the rest of the run. Ah well, I trust my scales at least I guess it's a bit sill of me to worry about kcal for weight reasons when I'm measuring my weight every morning :p. It would be good to do a park run as a graduation run! Going to start running with my watch again now, brushed the dust off it since my last attempt to get fit ( and err... the one before that too).

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A couple of thoughts... If your body isn't used to running it will give you all manner of complaints... Achilles can be tricky and I swear by eccentric heel drops. Also- have you had gait analysis and got proper shoes??

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Hmm just googled the excercise you mentioned, thankyou, Ill give that a go if it happens more. I've never had gait analysis before, the trainers I have been using have average cushioning (so quite a bit), I know that doesn't mean they are good or bad for me though. I might try the gait analysis at some point, especially if I get more aches, its usually free right? Are there some places better than others to get it done?

Many thanks!


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