W6R3 done!

Wow, didn't think I'd make it this far. I've definitely noticed my fitness level increasing as I wasn't struggling going up an incline while walking the dog last night. The only problem I've got though is I'm off to Prague next week for 5 days, so do I repeat week 6 when I get home or do I go straight to week 7? I plan to do a lot of walking but I don't feel confident enough go running on my own while I'm there.

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  • I had 5 days off the programme several times before graduating. I'd just stick with it once you get back. Pick up where you left off. And well done!

  • Agree with Phoenix891119 no need to repeat. I had 3 weeks off at Christmas for various reasons and this didn't affect my fitness (I was walking loads during this time).

  • Pick up where you left off at W7. I had a week off during the programme and it didn't affect my fitness at all. Good luck!

  • Why not pack your trainers just in case? They do have green spaces in the city that might tempt you...

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