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Help !! How often do you run

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Just downloaded the couch to 5k app as want to get fitter ( alongside the gym ).

Bit confused on how often you should run / use the app .

How often do other people do it ? Is it 3 times a week as 3 runs on the app a week


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Hello and welcome. Yes 3 runs per week. Then move onto the next week runs. Make sure to have a break in between runs of a day so as your muscles can repair and rest. Enjoy.

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yes, 3 times a week as the programmes dictates, but days can be juggled about if need be, need to run at least 3 times a week for the benefits, doing some non impact exercise on some of the rest days is excellent .. see the link for essential reading..

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Hi Rachey98,

Well done for getting the app. I am on week 8 now and it really works. Challenges you but increases gradually and prepares you really well.

People seem to do it in lots of different ways and one of the moderators will send a link to some helpful pages I am sure, but as long as you always leave at least a days rest in between your runs, run slow, and not panic if you have odd weeks where for whatever reason you don't get out (I had flu one week and twisted an ankle another week (not running, just a wonky pavement!) and just picked up again and carried on) then you will be fine. Some people do it strictly one week per c25k week (i.e. leave a 2 day rest once a week) others just leave a day between each run and carry on. I did a bit of both!

Good luck, trust the app and listen to your body and you will find your way!


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Hello Rachey98👋

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to this amazing programme.

The aim is to get you running 3 x a week, and by following the programme. It doesn't matter if you ran, let's say a Mon, Thurs and Sat one week and Mon, wed, Fri the following.... Just as long as you get out there and complete each run.

Really important to have rest days from running, and stretch after each run.

It's not easy, infact Wk1R1 is the toughest in my opinion, I thought I'd die of a heart attack!... And I never thought someone like me would "Graduate".... Yet here I am 👍

It's not about speed, but a slow steady pace (you will hear this alot).... Find your inner snail as "" Oldfloss "says.... Read the advice for new runners, but most importantly..... Enjoy it!

Some days will be harder than others, but we'll all be here for support and encouragement.

You can do this 💪

It took me 11 weeks to do the 9 week program. It still worked 😊 Good luck!

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