W7D2 - Treading a mill, training a crosser & obligatory graph

W7D2 - Treading a mill, training a crosser & obligatory graph

Hope everyone is OK! Just finished the run on a treadmill today, kept the speed to 10.2kph on average I think. It wasnt easy but got there in the end. 

Ive got a crazy plan, yesterday morning my weight finally dropped to 99.9 from 100.6, then today it was 99.3, so my plan is to only be in the 99kg bracket for 2 days. I know thats a stupid thing to do and even if i manage it it will be because Im dehydrating myself (not intentionally). Anyway, you can all laugh at me when it fails :p Its not a serious thing I just want to try. 

So I then did 45 minutes on the trainer of cross to help a bit. I think im going to have to slow down soon, my mood has been worsening and I feel tired during the day, but I'm going to try keep the weight coming off, just maybe start having rest days with just walking no cross trainer. Anyway here is a graph of my weight loss so far, gone from 104.9 to 99.3kg in 22 days. I know I am going on the unhealthy side of weight loss so I wouldn't recommend what I am doing, probably losing muscle weight instead of fat.. But hey what do you expect? I am an idiot!

I've noticed the plateaus/ hills every week-ish, it does correlate with when I have a takeaway and im assuming it might be to do with salt, eat salt, body holds more water weight. But then again it might not. Anyway I know they happen to everyone and I dont realy mind them by now.


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2 Replies

  • hey, just keep up your hard work, hopefully the regular exercise will keep your mood from dipping too low and let you keep going! Please keep updating so we know you are ok and see you graduating pretty soon! P.s we are all idiots with some things! It's the idiots who don't realise they are idiots that are the worst!

  • Thank-you Heavyhorse! I will be fine though, it's good to write on here and thank-you for your support! Yeah even though I've done it before its really good to be able to run for more than a minute without feeling abysmal again :) There must be a lot of people who have done the program and feel like that. Haha thanks for the p.s, I definitely agree!

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