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Hey just wanted to update my progress. I have been trying to observe my rest days better but sometimes I cant realy help but go on a run. My idea is to have an hour on the crosstrainer instead of a run and that has been working OK. I think my Heartrate is coming down so im getting better aerobically. 

I did W6R1 yesterday and it was offroady on a riverbank and around a lake. Also I woke up at 6 and did 30 minutes on the cross trainer before going to work, a feat I have only accomplished once before :p But you can see what happened. I did 30 mins plus run1 and walked about 13k to and from work, also im walking on my dinner break too. 

Today I did the same walking, was intending to do an hour on the crosstrainer but decided to see how far I could run at 10kph on the treadmill, I got to 4k in 24 minutes (listening to pink floyd this time, Animals!), then I did an hour on the crosstrainer. Also my heart rate was up at 208 during the run, good or no, that's gotta be a record right? Anyway still alive got back home and am having a smoothie. 

Another thing im doing is measuring my weight every morning when I'm at my lightest (for consistency, if you have 300ml of water or as I do a pint of coffee then thats 300g or 500g added to your body mass, so i keep it consistant). So because Im impatient and want everything to happen right away I made a graph of my weight over time so I could see when Id be at a happy weight. Since the 19th april ive gone from 105 to 101Kg, about 2Kg per week. Ill be happy in the mid80s and aim to get around 70 - 75. I should be about 94 by the end of this month and get to 85 by 04/07/15. So that calmed me down a bit. I do realise that weight comes off much quicker to start with etc. So my simple model will break down but I reckon I can get to the 93 mark before it does and by then  I wont be so obsessed.

Also I am realy enjoying the runs so its not like im forcing them out. Anyway..

Also Ive learnt a lot about training that I never realised before concerning aerobic vs anaerobic training, at the moment i need both, I'm out of breath and my legs are tired after running. The crosstrainer has realy helped with the aerobic side though. Anyway I'm just going to enjoy this journey.

Also since my last post I read "Born to run" Its OK, a bit too much psuedoscience and USA focus in my opinion. One example of this: it mentioned was a study that found a correlation showing people who had more expensive running shoes had more injuries. The author then said that shows that more expensive shoes cause more injuries, I was shouting in my head (I can do that..) that maybe people who had more injuries went out and got more expensive shoes, cause and effect, there was nothing to prove it one way or the other mentioned in the book. Lots of stuff like that. It has got me interested in other books about running though and I saw some reccomendations on here so I will check them out.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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10 Replies

  • Blimey, I'm tired just reading this Kally. You're working very hard so well done on the run and all the other exercise. I hope you've factored in a few rest days to give your body a chance to recover and catch a breath!

  • Many thanks! I think today is going to be a rest day, besides walking, heading out for a meal later. I'm just going to try and only run if I'm enjoying it. 

  • Wow, Kallyfudge, that's an ambitious programme. I hope you're able to stick to it. If at some point you have to slow down a little, don't beat yourself up about it. You've really kickstarted your weight loss and I am in awe of what you are able to do. 

  • Many thanks Iben! I definitely don't deserve any awe though you should see me running! :)  You are right though I'm seeing it as a jump start, when it starts to slow down, or I need rest Ill be happy with whatever progress I've made till then. Everyone can do the same as me and better, I have no doubt. Ive also completely stopped drinking alcohol for the last five weeks so that is making a ton of difference too.

  • well done and keep going, although don't be disappointed if your weight loss slows a bit, and if your body decides you do need a proper rest day then just do it and don't feel disheartened, you are not a machine and a rest day here and there will not slow your progress! Glad you are still enjoying it though and look forward to your next update!

  • Phew... I need to lie down now.... you  are really determined on this !

    I got lost in your Stat' forest I am afraid...! Like Irishprincess, says, I think you need to  make sure you take a break maybe? You could find yourself whacked out! 

    This might interest you...


    You could read it whilst taking a well earned break :)

  • Hey thanks Oldfloss I read the first review on amazon and ended up getting the book on my kindle! I ended up having a break yesterday, and a very very very hot curry :) So about to head on run 2 wk 6 now. 

  • Steady as you go! :)

  • Heart rate of 207 is very high and a sign that you might be overdoing it (although I don't know how young you are). It might be worth going a little slower - the fat burning range is a lot lower than your maximum. You're also doing a lot of walking - well a lot of everything! Are you sure this lifestyle is sustainable? It needs to become a routine if you want to be long term successful. Good luck and well done on the weight loss!

  • Wow, I am out of breath just reading your post. I have to say you are determined. You also have a plan, a goal which is good. If it was me I would make sure to get a rest day in between. Just in case you burn out and give up. 

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