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Running for weight loss

Hello all,

My new year resolution was to lose weight and I have hit the gym many times before. Everytime I ll be bored after a month or so and don't go back again. So this time I wanted to it different.

That's when I have accidentally found out about couch to 5k program and started week 1 in the first week of January. I did three weeks which was pretty tough as I have never run in my life. Injured myself in the fourth week and couldn't run for a month and half. Resumed it again in April and graduated last week. 

So the main motto was to lose weight. I weighed 84kgs in March and when I checked yesterday I was surprised :) I am 76kgs now. 8 kgs lighter than 2 months ago. Goal is to be at or below 70 (Ideal weight for my height is 67) this year. So anyone else with similar goals, u are on the correct path. Keep going.

And yes I have not made any significant changes to my diet. I just don't feel like eating the junk food as it wastes all my effort put in running. 

Doing the bridge to 10k run now 3 times a week. Miss Laura though :)

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Well done, I think it really helps with weight loss.  I have lost 7kgs since starting C25K too and am on week8 now.

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You can always load Laura back up if you ever need a pick-me-up.  Well done on your efforts.

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Well done! You must be so proud of what you have achieved. And though you say you haven't changed your diet, you must be doing something that I'm not doing, because I haven't lost a single kilo and I am graduating this week. 

I'm 76 kg and my ideal weight is around 64 kg. I would love to lose that weight, but so far my strategy has been to not try to do too many things at once, so I've been focusing on the running and enjoying that. So I haven't been trying to lose weight up until now.

After my graduation I'm thinking perhaps I should pull myself together and lose those 12 kg.... I know what I have to do, but I hate to abstain from 🍦🍷🍝🍞🍫🍰 Still have some self convincing to do...


My normal meals remain the same as they were before. The change is in the junk food I used to have. No more pizzas, burgers, cool drinks, alcohol these days. That's what has made the difference I guess. :)


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