Falling over when running

I fell over while running last week and I wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience. I feel previously about 6 months ago and it was exactly the same. I did not trip over anything. I know I did not black out or anything dramatic like that. It just felt as if the ground was higher up under my left foot than I expected and over I went onto my face! Only a few bruises and scrapes but I don't want to be put off by feeling it will happen again. 


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9 Replies

  • not something I have experienced but maybe worth mentioning to GP if it happens again?

  • I was going to make the same suggestion - although it might just be uneven ground, but no harm in getting checked out.

  • I have tripped over once on a tree root and a second time, managed to stay on my feet.  Perhaps it would be good to visit the Dr for some basic tests, not sure falling for no reason is good because that could happen crossing a busy road or you could knock yourself out, best to be careful

  • Maybe the ground was uneven? I have fallen over often, but usually manage to get my hands out to fend off falling on my face, or manage to roll a bit on my side. And normally I trip (roots, rocks, heaps of snow, stones). Never experienced what you describe and it does sound a bit odd.

  • Glad I'm not alone. It's broken bones I worry about -- and looking a twit! Fortunately there was no one about. When you fell did you break anything?

  • No, I've never broken anything, only the odd cut or bruise. I've been very lucky. It tends to happen when I'm tired, or even approaching exhaustion (long hike in the mountains) or if I just misjudge the height of a heap of snow and instead of leaping over it end up face down in it!

  • I get it once every 2-3 weeks when walking but not when running that I can remember, though I've fallen a few times. I agree mention it to the GP. Is it always in the same place? Sometimes I blame the ground :)

  • The ground in the park is uneven -- its loose gravel trails mostly so I suppose that could be it. I did get my hands out although I'm not sure that's so good -- don't want broken wrists! 

  • Have a little chat to your GP.  We always say on here if in doubt check it out.  I can feel a bit like that when I'm running too fast.  It started at school and that is what put me off running for a lot of years.  Someone once explained that in my case it could be down to my dyslexia as the brain has a lot to process as it runs.  I'm finding as I'm building up my speed slowly the brain is adjusting making speeder runs more comfortable.  

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