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What week should I start from?

Hi All,

Just wondering if you could give some advise. Ive been quite poorly the last 2 weeks with a chest infection and I have been unable to run in this time. I got up to the start of week 4 before I stopped running. Shall I start from week 4 when I start running again or shall I start from week 3 again to get my body ready again for week 4?

Natalie :) 

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Chest infections are horrible and can take a lot out of you and it might take a while to get back your previous level. Why not just go out for a run and see how you feel. If all goes well, carry on from where you left off, if not, then maybe go back and re-do week 3. It really is up to you, there are no rules, but just take it easy for the next few runs.

Best of luck!


dottiemay  is right, chest infections will really take it out of you. Do make sure you're completely over it before you try run -you really don't want to push any lingering infection any further down into your lungs. If/when you feel ready to run again, personally I'd drop back a week and try a run. If it's easy then move on with your next one, if not, then either stick with that week or drop back another week. It doesn't matter how long it takes to do the programme - 9 weeks is a guideline not a deadline. Good luck :)


Thank you. Hopefully I will be well enough to start running again in a couple of days as still have some symptoms which I need to get over first. 


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