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W5R2 - feeling great!

Hi, first time poster but I have got so much inspiration from reading this forum - thank you! 

I completed W5R2 this morning at 5.30 in the rain....and it was great. Am feeling hopeful for the biggie on Thursday, thanks to having read all your tips. Still feels like a big stretch to go for 20 minutes straight and not have any recovery time at all. I feel recovered within a minute (so the 5 in between runs today felt a bit excessive), but having no rest at all does feel daunting.

Wish me luck! 

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It does feel daunting, and we have all wondered (worried) before hand how we would do it.  But your legs are strong now,  more than you think, and it will just happen.  Trust in the program.  You are going to feel great afterwards!

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You can do it. Trust the programme and trust yourself :) good luck!

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Thank you both - I'm starting to believe it! 


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