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Week 2 completed

Did my last run for week 2 this morning. Made it a bit easier by altering my route slightly to avoid the monster hill that I've been attempting for the past 5 runs. 90 seconds of running only gets me up half way up the hill and it's a particularly nasty one as it gets steeper the higher you get. Still did some hills but nothing like the monster. It went well and I accidentally ran through one of the 2 minute walk periods as I thought I'd run on a little bit as I was feeling good and on the flat bit for a change but got distracted by looking at the view and my wandering thoughts so was a bit shocked when Laura announced the last 90 second run. But I went for it and managed to keep going. Going to keep avoiding the monster for a bit until I feel fitter I think as it made for a much more pleasant run. Just wish I didn't look like a beetroot when I run. 

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I'm so impressed that you're running hills on week 2! It'll be fantastic for your strength and stamina. I still look like a beetroot but it's good. It means we're putting the effort in!

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