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Newbie to forum

Hi there, I started c25k with some trepidation as I have never been a runner, however I have surprised myself at my progress. I have just completed run 2 of week 4. My concern is that I will get bored running/jogging for increasing lengths of time as I am finding my mind wandering during the 5 minute runs so will I be able to cope when I am running for 30 minutes straight?

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Hi there 

Well, a wandering mind can be a good thing.  We all reckon that when we are running unconsciously that we run better

Most of us came to running having never done so before, wanting to get fit and/or lose weight, so you'll be in good company here

You have to want to do it, and it does take some level of commitment to keep turning out for those runs, but many of us soon become addicted.  You might just surprise yourself 😊

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There are very few runs where you'll actually enjoy the entire run WHILE you're running. A wandering mind probably helps - it'll help keep gremlins at bay and make the run feel like it went by faster than it did. As misswobble said, it does take some level of commitment, even after you're addicted. But you'll feel yourself getting fitter and amaze yourself with your progress, and that'll keep you going out there.


Welcome :) I could be JLT44 lol!

As misswobble and Shivani05 have said, a wandering mind can be a great advantage!

Best runs I've had are where I've just kept the legs going through the motions and allowed my brain to 'forget' I'm running.

If you're outside a change of scenery always helps, if you're inside- try and get outside!

Try not to look too far ahead and panic about the expectation. The programme is tried and tested, if you manage a week of runs as given, you will progress to the next one :)

Keep going, good luck :)


Fortunately, running does not require the same degree of concentration as other sports, such as Alpine skiing or tightrope walking so it should not impinge too greatly on your performance. If the thought of 30 minutes without external stimulus is too overwhelming, however, perhaps try listening to an audiobook instead of music? I did this on long runs for marathon training and it worked a treat. When you find yourself tacking a few extra miles on at the end of a 3 hour run because you want to find out what happens at the end of the chapter, you know you have chosen a good book.


Thanks everyone, very helpful.

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