Wk6 & Wk7 Run1

Hey everyone hope things are good! Just reporting in for finishing week 6 and run 1 of week 7.

Had a bit of an incident during w6r2 involving 2 drunk people harassing me, I admit though after they said something I had a bit of a crazy smile on my face as I slowed down turned around and approached to hear what they had to say. They said they would get me on my return leg, one was under a bridge on the return and tried to scare me, but when the other one saw me come out the other end with my smile he decided he should go and see if his friend was OK. Not that he should have worried, I don't want to say what my mental state was but it definitely wasn't thinking about hurting them. Anyway, it's a very rare occurrence anyone heckles never mind this stuff (this is only time its happened like this when I've been running - was walking on the return) and actually I felt so good about how I handled it I had a pretty good run despite slowing down. I'm in 2 minds about mentioning it because I don't want to put anyone off, these guys would have done it even though I was walking.

R3 was ok too, my legs were like lead though but I kept to a comfortable pace. And Ive just finished W7R1, It went unexpectedly well. I did a route on the pavement that I know is about 5k, as I was getting towards the end I kept thinking my app had frozen or something, then after running 4.2k It said slow to an easy pace. I also felt like I could have gone a bit faster but my ankle was on the border of injury-painful so I took it steady (need to loose weight), after the announcement I kept going for another few minutes and including WU and CD got 5.33K over the 35 mins. Also I was feeling so good I rolled my sleeves up, it was late but still people about, felt good.

My weight for the last 3 days has plateaued at 100.9 (yep accurate to within 50g ;p ), even though I've only been measuring if about 3 weeks I've noticed this every week or so it does this so I'm not really too worried, especially if I can have a good run.


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  • sorry you had to bump into knob heads , but well done for your run, that's a fab time , hope you will let your ankle have a little rest to recover, don't want it getting in your way of graduation! I also found weight loss do that, usually after a plateau it jumps down again , well done for that too!

  • There are d***heads everywhere but it sounds as if you handled it well. Well done on the runs. You're ticking them off nicely.

  • Glad those articles didn't put you off or frighten you off.ย  Blimey it's hard enough working through this programme without that kind of agro as well !ย  You are obviously still enjoying it which is brilliant and that graduation badge is within your grasp.

  • Well done! You seem to be making great progress :-)

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