Hills are our what now?

Hills are our what now?

Hello runners

I ran w7 r2 this morning and changed my route to a larger circular one. Oof! I knew it would be a little hillier, but I made the mistake of doing the warm-up walk down all the rough bit, leaving the start of the run to the start of the hill. It was rather hellish! Still, I'll do it again for run 3 I think and then go back to my flatter run for w8r1 so it seems easier! I had to pOst the profile - the northerners might not raise an eyebrow but I might get some sympathy from the flat landers!


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8 Replies

  • Yes, I know what it's like, I'm from dannn souwth, (don't let oldfloss see this!😀) and there's some hills where I am. But you want to devise a route for c25k that is relatively flat or it just makes it harder on yourself especially if there's a head wind.

    If you can't avoid hills and are able to just about jog up them, then use shorter strides than normal and pump your arms back and forth more, your legs will follow what your arms do. Well done anyway!😊

  • Interesting.  I take the opposite approach.  Hills during the program are great - you learn to run them.  That way when you run a flat route or race it's absolutely glorious.

  • Well done.. very, very well done!

    You have just got to love those hills haven't you? Not!!!! I try and embrace them..but it is hard :)

    You did amazingly.. go for the flatter run for your next one.. you deserve a rest!!!

  • I shall see what aches over the next couple of days and plan accordingly!

  • Call that an 'ill!!!

    Only kiddin Digger!  Well done, hills are the spawn of Satan and to be avoided at all costs til after Graduation. Well, that's what I told myself anyway. 

     I am embracing hills now in all their glory. Can't seem to get enough of them these days.  Who'da thought it!  Not me, not at C25k week 7 leastways

    Hills will get you fitter though as your lung power will go from strength to strengh. You have to take care obviously, especially on hot days like these.  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

  • I went out at 7 this morning. Any later and I think that hill would have killed me today!

  • It's going to be fun (maybe 😀) revisiting that hill every now and then to see your improvement.

  • I'm going to run down to it next time and get some momentum up next time before I hit it!

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