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5K tomorrow, Calf pain today

I'm panicking.  My very first 5K race,  what I've been working towards for 9 weeks,  is tomorrow morning,  but today my right calf is hurting me. 

I don't quite understand,  I ran on Thursday on my treadmill and seemed okay yesterday other than a little soreness, but those is really getting me down. 

I went and bought a massage stick to use on my leg as that's what a runner friend told me to do,  but I can't tell if it's working or not.  What should I do?  I really really want to run tomorrow,  but I don't want to be in pain or worse to hurt myself further.

Any advice would be helpful. 

Thank you! 

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See how you feel this morning.  You will always be able to walk it if need be.  To be honest it's very natural to have niggles before an event.  I have an event this morning and I have had hip pain and hamstring pain but on waking up this morning they have all gone.  Every event I have done the lead up has involved some sort of niggle.  We become overly conscious of our body just before an event.  Saying that if it still really hurts this morning think again as rehabilitation takes a lot longer than resting.  Good luck whichever you decide. 


Good luck in your event too :)


Listen to Realfoodieclub , she know what she is talking about. :) Listen to yiur body and decide, sensibly. Good luck, either way!


Try and relax, stretch or foam roll before ( whatever you normally do) and as RFC says you can always walk it... Good luck 😎


Assess how it is now, just before and as you do the run if you do.  I'm stuck on week 5  and on the injury couch for over a month now with a calf muscle injury   I over did it and am paying the price (literally) with expensive physio but also no walks or runs for at least another month. Very painful restrictive and frustrating 


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