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Shin and Calf pain too much to bare/bear? today

so stopped half way into my 30 mins. Monday I ran 4.2km so set off this morning, as always aiming for the target 5km in 30 mins but was forced to stop. Stepping down a kerb was agony. Really don't want to have to stop the plan for any length of time. Any quick fixes you runners can suggest? Have the race for life in just over a week and really want to do it.

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What week in the programme are you on izzybee? You've maybe done too much too soon. I would take a few days rest, try ice pack wrapped in a towel for 10 minutes to try and reduce any inflamation. Also are your shoes in good condition. Hope it settles soon for you.


I skipped week 8 and went straight to week 9. Managed run 1 of week 9 just fine...I say fine, I'm always aware of the pain throughout (since I started week1) but it does settle after a few mins and has been bearable until today. Will try the ice and try again Friday. Only get the opportunity to run 3 mornings a week when the little one is at nursery so would hate to miss a day. How often should I ice my shins?

Shoes are new so maybe I should get my gait analysed.

Thanks for your comments Oldgirl.


Sorry if Iam repeating myself here but I ice mine three times a day when I put my leg up, for about 20 minutes a time (tricky for you with little people about, I know). I take an ibruprofen after my run too. Mine are so much better. I also put a heel lift in my trainer which helped but think it made my knees sore. Latest purchase is a calf compression sleeve. The jury is out on that tho! Hope this helps :)


You need to rest. Give it a week and see how you feel.


I'm just about to add ice and after failing at running across a road this afternoon thought that maybe I'll give it til Monday. Bummer as have race for life on 24th and want to be able to do it.


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