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Week 8 run3

Well here we are again , the end of the week and I have now completed week 8. Beautiful day today, warm and sunny. Had to keep using my water to wipe over my face as I tend to go very red with excercise. Had a little bit of a left calf ache today but only when I got back.  Full speed ahead, I did go slightly to quick setting off which my husband said to me on the run but I got into my natural rhythm and I was away. Roll on graduation week 😎

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We all have red faces..mine today.. think post box!!! It is a look!

Well done you.. you are doing wonderfully...Week 8 completed.

So close now... keep it slow and steady and enjoy the run in to your big moment!!!

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Congratulations, just three runs left on the programme.

I've been lucky with my calves so far but I also stretch mine out on a step or curb as soon as my cool down walk has finished. 


Great advice @BObp

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Just three runs left, Tilly48. It is fantastic 🏃🏃🏃


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