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Just over a year ago I started C25K and was so proud when I graduated in July ish. Carried on going in to Autumn but then the cold got to my arthritic hip and so I went to circuits twice a week instead but over Christmas managed to put on  a shameful stone which is resisting removal and now I daren't run as dont know how my hip will stand the extra weight. That is also an excuse because fat, lazy b******itis has crept in and I'm also scared of that first run out. Hayulp!

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Vikki that made me laugh! Well done you for posting on here so honestly. It's such a nuisance when health issues interfere with your plans... and your inner f*t lazy b***ard takes over! 

How about doing the first week podcast but as walk- walk very fast instead of walk-run, and work your way through the podcasts like that until you have confidence to run? Or break into a jog for half the 'run' minutes and see how your hip feels? 

Another method I used when my feet hurt too much was to run in a shallow swimming pool- hard work and actually quite funny, too...

Take care - let me know if you would like a run buddy at the weekend... (what am I saying!?!) X

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Thanks Tori - cant believe I am the only one and wanted to post rather than just disappear into flabby oscurity! I will give it a go under cover of darkness at the weekend and let you know how I get on! x


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