Couch to 5K

Anyone find they started basically rejecting booze through the programme?

I had the stellar total of 4 pints in 4 hours last night, ate well, slept soundly and have woken up with no real hangover to speak of.

However my brain is doing somersaults as I think to myself "By going boozing last night, I've nuked my run already" (W6R2, previous run was ghastly) and I just can't seem to snap out the mindset.

Ergo, to stop the devil on my shoulder getting louder than he is already when I'm running, I think I'm gonna have to pack in the grog.

Anyone else done this?

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I did an earlier run with a mild hangover lol! It was okay actually. Probably won't make a habit of it though


I've been watching my drinking too if I have a run the next day. I think the main thing is to try and rehydrate and go for it. It's never as bad as you think :)


Its always in the back of my mind too. However I decided fairly early on to try and maintain my current lifestyle as much as possible as didn't want to end up hating running! However, if I have indulged too much the night before and the run is harder I just think that its my own fault and that I must just get on with it. I also hope I am sweating out the over indulgence too which can only be a positive thing?!


Well, I just had a pretty poor W6R2 to join my pretty rubbish W6R1BUT today I went out and did it (frankly amazing in itself) and secondly, I did the first 10 mins no bother, then crapped out after 5 mins on second run. Have decided that as I've run for 20 mins in W5 that I'm going to just plough on, do W6R3 and just get this sorryass week behind me!

No more boozing for me until graduation I think. :S


If there was ever a cure for a hangover - it's a parkrun! But you are right of course, the dreaded grog does affect ones performance. BUT......just don't drink on a friday night is the answer! Or at least keep it to 4 halves of ale (that way you get 4 drinks but sip them slower!)

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A run is a great hangover cure! However you need to keep hydrated and the more addicted to running you get (and you will) the more you'll find you take it easy the day before a run...

On the plus side you're burning the calories off faster now so you can 'earn' the drinks now...

Week 6 is also a challenging week so maybe go easy until you've knocked that week for six...


I packed in the grog. I packed in eating shi*e and have generally cleaned up my act. Lost loads of weight and find I can run, not fast admitted, but fast enough to get some lard shifted


You guys are all ace and Miss W: my consumption of sh*te has climbed in the past 10 days more and more. As of Monday, it's back to paleo/eating clean. No more blobby belly and rubbish running!

*clears Tesco of sweet potatoes*


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