What do I do?

Hi everyone,

I have received an e-mail last night from one of the run director's from bolton parkrun asking me if I'd like to write a run report for their parkrun page, for all to see, I feel so honoured to be asked but don't think I would be able to do it the way everyone else write's the reports for the page, any advice or tips on how to tailor it to suit the parkrun page,

I feel as honoured as if I got a telegram off the queen, this is a massive thing for me, well for us all because if it wasn't for you guys/gals I wouldn't be where I am today,

I hope everyone has a wonderful week,

Take care,

Siobhan xx

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19 Replies

  • That's such a lovely thing and I'm not surprised you feel honoured.   I'm sure you will do a great job, these things often come across best when written from the heart.  One of the reasons we love you on here is because you write so well and keep...

  • trust yourself and write and write and write, then step back and edit, and ask someone who you trust to look over it for you

    amazing what this running stuff does for our confidence both in and out of the running shoes :-)

  • I agree with RFC, don't change a single thing you do!  Write for parkrun as if you were writing for us here.  They will love your report as much as we do.  The RD would not have asked you to do it if all they wanted was the same as they would...

  • Has the race director read your c25k posts? If they have, they want you because of your great writing x If not, maybe to help your confidence, get them to join this forum and get them to read them, then they will know your style. As already said,...

  • You just write it, your way, as you do, all your incredibly wonderful, wonderful posts.

    Just keep it exactly like your other reports. They show your passion for running and your amazing skills of observation, as well as your caring, kind nature....

  • If they anted a report written the way everyone else writes reports they'd ask everyone else. I fthye have asked you for  report, do it the way you write.

    Alternatively you could make it a themed thing - every week write a Parkrun report in the...

  • James Joyce style Parkrun report? 

    I'm with Nick Buddha: write it in your usual style and then re-read and edit before you send it  in.   

    And relax    :-)

  • I think they asked you to do it Siobhan because they like the way you write. Maybe you could approach 2 or 3 people each run and chat with them, add their stories to your report. I would write back just what you wrote here about how honoured you...

  • You can also run it past us if you like Siobhan before you send it in. 

  • Aw,  thats a lovely thing to be asked to do. Don't worry about it, your reports are always full of intetesting details and full of passion for running and all that goes with park run.

    Im sure you have been asked because they want some of that...

  • agree with all of the above!! They want you, not everybody else, so do it your way in your style,and don't overthink it, your posts on here are fantastic so you don't need to try any harder😊

  • Oh wow! That's great, go for it!

  • You'll do a great  job, have confidence in your writing abilites, we all love your posts here!😊😆

  • I always read your posts and find them really well written and sincere.

    I wouldn't change a thing.  Good luck

  • Thank you everyone,

    I think what I will do is write how I do on here just not include everything I do in the morning or the night before the parkrun, will just stick to the parkrun itself, add some stats in and just write how I write but will send...

  • I agree with everyone else Siobhan, just be your usual lovely self , we all enjoy reading your posts, you will be fine .

    What an honour for you , and very well deserved if you ask me :-)

    You write from the heart and with such enthusiasm , and you...

  • If everybody wrote the same way what a boring world it would be ! I have always enjoyed reading your reports so stick to what you know. Good luck !

  • I agree with everyone else,😊

    You write about your parkrun day to us to us and it is inspiring and heart warming.

    Keep it fun, just the way you write for us is 100% perfect.

    Congratulations I am so glad you have been spotted as a writer for...

  • Thank you everyone, just a bit of an update, it's this week's parkrun that I will be writing about, I've been told there isn't a rush with writing it so I can write it when I want as to me this one comes first due to my routine being this site I write for first on a saturday, but will write for the parkrun page on either saturday night after my weekly parkrun report or on the sunday after volunteering at great run local,

    Thank you to boptillyoudrop49 I think I might pass it through all you guys and gals first if I don't think it's good enough, but like aliboo70 and Realfoodieclub have said I should try to have more faith in my ability as a writer,

    Oh I've learnt something new I can tag people in to a comment/post :)

    Take care everyone and have a great week, tomorrow I'm getting to meet my nephew for the first time :D

    Siobhan x

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