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Grinning like an idiot (with aching legs)

After having a truly awful run on Friday - W4R3 - I was dreading today. I read a lot of posts on here (you really don't like people to say they've failed do you!) and decided to give W5R1 a go instead of repeating W4. Well, I DID IT 🤗 It was hard, but not so hard I had to stop (on Friday I even had to walk in the first 3 minute run, told you it was awful). This is the first time my legs have actually ached when I got home but I am grinning like an idiot and almost looking forward to W5R2 just to see if I can do it. What is the best thing for aching legs, stretching or walking? (I presume drinking wine in the bath isn't an option?)

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Well done you! Drinking wine in the bath is always an option - but only after you've drunk lots of water and stretched 😀 I do the 5 min walk followed by the stretch exercises on the site - it seems to work !


I'll look out the stretching and do that (then run a bath......) Thanks.


All of the above! But you should get into the habit of stretching after every run - it does help with stiffness.

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