Goodbye obesity

I don't run to lose weight - that, for me, is just an enjoyable "side effect" - but I know a lot of people do and a lot of people wonder how effective running is... so I thought I'll share with you my little milestone: after 20 years of severe obesity, today I officially dropped out of it and into the "mere" overweight range.

From 104kg and 36.5% body fat at the end of January, when I started the C25K programme, to today's 89.7kg and 29.4% body fat.

That was without even actively trying to lose weight... so the ones of you that have weight loss as a primary goal will probably do even better; just stick to it, even if at first the results seem not to come.

You can do it... no, wait, let me rephrase: you *will* do it.


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37 Replies

  • Wow so inspiring to read this - have just started on my own journey, only hope I can do as well as you have! Well done

  • I'm not a super-human, none of us is; of course you can do it (and even better), as long as you keep your focus and take your time.

    Good luck and happy running! 🙂

  • That's amazing! Very inspiring. Did you modify your eating habits at all or this is just from the running?

  • I already had some pretty healthy eating habit: loads of fruit and veg, wholemeal and unprocessed carbs, some proteins and very little fat... today I think this is what goes under the name of Mediterranean diet but for me is simply the home cooking I am used to. Anyway that was not enough with my sedentary job; the exercising is what really made the trick for me.

    The only tiny modification in my diet is that I eliminated sugar (I mean the sugar used for sweetening, not all carbs in general).

  • Well done secan - great work.

  • That is good news secan. It makes. also, your achievements to date, decidedly inspirational.

    To demonstrate  the determination that you have, from the onset... despite all sorts of issues; rain, wind, mud.. and falling branches too, shows the strength of your character.

    Motivation for any one and not just in weight-loss. You certainly inspire me.

    Thank you for sharing. :)

  • That's fantastic news, Secan.  Particularly as it's a by-product of your new found love for running.  Congratulations! 🏃

  • Good Work, dude.

  • That's fantastic, good on you Secan.  You must have worked very hard because it isn't easy losing so much weight!  I'm still hanging out in the obese category and looking forward to joining you in the overweight category :D  

  • You will, it's only a matter of time and application... and I think you achieve the best result if you can avoid to make weight loss an obsession (I'm not saying this is your case, it is just a generic consideration 😉 )

  • It helps not to be over the top about it for sure :)

  • Great wieght loss secan maybe we should para phrase the M+S adverts, this isn't just running this is C25K running 😊

  • M&S and the likes should actively sponsor the C25K programme, as it is a source of new customers for them... in fact, now I have to renovate my entire wardrobe if I don't want to look like a clown in oversized clothing. 😁

  • You are doing very well, isn't it amazing what C25k can do for you?  I went from obese, if only just, to a healthy weight and the running had a huge effect. I couldn't have done it without. All I cut out was the sugary carbs too. 

  • That's a lot of Secan to disappear! All of it cast off as you run your way to fitness and health. Well done - you're a brilliant advert for running👍

  • The equivalent weight of a 3-yr-old toddler... basically I lost my "inner child". 😂

  • Bet he's still there really!

  • Thank you Secan. I love hearing these testimonies.

    I have lost 8 pounds merely after three weeks of Run a 5K training . I can not tell by looking at me but the scale says so. I was 30 pounds overweight when I began. Looking to drop from 240 where I was when I started, to 210 where I ought to be. Of course I altered my eating habits too, (not a diet but smarter eating habits).  I started out wanting to lose weight but I have been taken by this running and now I am set on better overall fitness. It is addicting.

  • Well done Secan !

    I bet you feel loads better too ! Ive lost 22lbs through stopping eating  all the rubbish that I used to shovel down my throat . I still have the occasional treat but don't hammer it anymore.

    That's some significant weight loss you've achieved  there ! xxx

  • I think I literally never felt better, not even in my 20s... if only I knew then what I've learnt now!

    Oh well, I still have more decades in front of me than I left behind; plenty of time to enjoy the newly acquired wisdom. 😉

  • Well done Secan!  It's a real beneficial side effect isn't it. This running lark has so much going for it

  • Well done Secan

  • Wow, that's a massive loss in a short time, well done

  • I didn't know that about you Saverio, thank you for sharing it with us. I think we build up little pictures of the folk on the forum and when I've read your posts, written intelligently in a language not your mother-tongue, your weight didn't figure. 

    I've not changed my weight during the programme (apart from when I went on holiday, had baguettes and croissants every day and put on 4lb!), but like you I know I'm leaner and a great deal fitter; I suspect this prog has added time to our lives :o)

  • The weight you put on during vacations doesn't count; that's healthy weight (for the mood, if not for the body). 😝 

    And yes, I agree; the C25K programme adds not just time but also *quality* to our lives.

  • That is a lot of weight, Secan! Running must have become much easier for you compared to when you started out. Imagine putting on a rucksack with 14 kg in it and going for a run...

    I ought to drop around 10 kg (probably a bit more to be honest), but the scale hasn't shown any weight loss yet despite the three runs a week. I really doesn't matter though, because I feel sooooo good about myself. However, your post inspires me to perhaps focus a little on the weight loss part too. I wouldn't mind having to change my wardrobe entirely👗👙

  • One thing I noticed is that the weight loss is not linear: at the beginning you keep running and you notice little or no difference then, as your weekly distance increases, you start losing weight and fat mass at an impressive rate (lately I've been losing about 1.0/1.2kg and 0.8/1.0% fat mass per week 😳 ).

    So stick to the brilliant work you're doing, maybe check whether your diet needs some tiny adjustments, and soon you will have a perfect excuse for a few sessions of extreme shopping. 😁

  • Well done, that's great.  I like that kind of unintentional side effect!!

  • Brilliant Secan, it took me a year to lose 15 kg, and another to change my wardrobe! The weight has stayed off and most of my wardrobe was replaced with running kit! 

    Enjoy your successful journey! Doing great there🎈🎈🎈

  • Well, even before running most of my wardrobe came from Decathlon... it shouldn't be hard to find running gear there... and replace my hiking clothing... and my wetsuits.

    Boy, who said running is cheap?!? 😁

  • Hi Secan, 

    the benefits of the c25k program just keep on growing don't they.. fantastic acheivement and you have enjoyed the successes and challenges along the way..😃

    Its free too.... (don't count the little treats like running socks, lightweight jackets,specialist running shoes, garmen.. )  they are a well earned bonus.

    Lovely to hear that you are still running around. x

  • Yep, still running around: 

    "These legs are made for running

    And that's just what they'll do

    One of these days these legs

    Are gonna run a marathon"


  • Things sung in jest !!!😀😀😀

  • That's fantastic secan. Good-bye obesity forever! I haven't noticed much actual weight loss but my body shape has certainly changed. I look and feel hea.thier and stronger which is really motivating for me. A lot of people worry that running will not really help them lose weight but I've found it does change your shape and therefore surely also your weight.

  • Brilliant very well done. I too am aiming to be merely just overweight,  I started aiming for weight loss and joined slimming world, getting an activity tracker and adding C25K and much more exercse in  general has really helped boost the weight loss though. Need to get to 18st 8lb to be merely overweight, i'm 6'6 tall, 11lbs to go, starting point was 25st 11lb.

    I do think the BMI figure is fairly meaningless but it does give you something to aim for.

    The benefits of being so much fitter and lighter are many though, from sleeping better, not snoring, being able to buy clothes in normal clothes shops at normal prices, no longer having asthma, more confidence in my appearance ( im happy to wear lycra and be seen in daylight now), less aches and pains and just generally feeling more comfortable and of course the sheer enjoyment of running and exercising.

    Keep up the good work Secan

  • Having a long term view is key, isn't it.  The whole C25k philosophy is slow and steady, so if you are looking for a quick fix then you've come to the wrong place.  Your brilliant achievement endorses that. 

  • Wow Secan- your weight loss is brilliant- great motivation for noob runners like me.

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