Throw away the scales??

I don't know how relevant this is to us here - but I do think that it has been a common realisation/understanding here over the past few years that we don't lose all that much weight during our running but our bodies certainly do change. For me, I still have some "belly" fat - but I suspect that I have lost a lot of internal body cavity fat ( as my belly has largely retreated) and I have no "love handles" around my lower back :)


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  • Only one of those photographs looked particularly resiliently healthy to me (certainly not the lowest weight one) but I'll not argue with how she feels.

    It seems very variable. My 'bustle' disappeared doing C25K (with attention to diet but I do mean attention rather than 'drastic and/or rigid limitation) and I went from obese to overweight. The rest took 18 months.

    But my measurements, that much lauded alternative measure to the scales... well, I'd be very disheartened by now, and fitting into smaller clothes... mostly nope. 20kgs weight lost and the same size clothes apart from underwear, especially round the middle. Still a bit uncomfortable to run without firm control knickers (although there is less wobble than there was due to weight loss and yoga)

    I have a particular build which does not involve going in much at the waist. It is a build I share with my paternal grandparents who did both experience adverse cardiovascular issues in later life... but did not experience significant disability and died in their 90s.

  • I have gone from obese to top range of normal weight. This was done with calorie restriction though and my 6 months of running have not helped with my weight. They have helped with re-distribution though! I still have too much belly-fat and my waistline is still too big (but not by much), but the fat on my back has mostly gone, the horrible dimples on my thighs have disappeared and sometimes I almost feel slim. I still have the horrible feeling that all that internal body cavity fat is still there - but have no proof!

  • I live in hope then that whilst the number on scales does not shrink my body might.... :D

  • I refuse to have bathroom scales in the house, I've been a slave to them before and ended up very underweight due to just not eating! The desire to see the scales shift downwards became the main daily goal for me, so they had to go. I'm so much happier for it!

  • I have lost weight and am now in the normal range, relieved to say. I watch my weight carefully, eat and drink healthily and keep moving. Running firms you up if you eat the right things while you're about it☺ if you run while still eating takeaways and drinking too much then you won't get the bod of your dreams 😊 I think though if you are a regular runner your health should be pretty good. Don'-t the experts agree that a modicum of fat does afford protection in certain circumstances? ☺

  • I think belly fat is the hardest to shift but it will in the end. I haven't been dieting but I generally try to eat healthily, although I admit I occasionally binge, yesterday in fact... my body shape has changed. I bought a couple of bikinis this summer which I would not have worn last year and although I know I have weight to lose, I don't feel that I look overweight. Running has given me a leaner look, my legs are definitely more shaped than they were. I can't say I have an amazing body as a result of running and my weight hasn't really changed but I definitely feel that I look a whole lot better. I'm not hung up on scales but it would still make my day to see I'd dropped 6 kilos. I know my body is gradually changing for the but seeing a change on the scales is a confirmation that gives you a boost.

  • Is it the lighting or do her shoulders look a bit knobbly and strange, both front and back in the up to date photos? I presume it is due to muscle building but it looks odd to me.

  • I think I would have to lose quite a bit of weight before my muscles would show like they do on her "now" photos... my abs are hidden behind two moped tires. So my thinking is if you are overweight and want to look like that there is no way around doing both, lose weight and train!

  • Good to know :)

    My daughter removed our scales.. It is all about fitness and the way you feel and the way your clothes fit.. was her advice. Practice nurse weighs us though.. tee hee ) !

    My body has changed, so much, because of running; I put weight on.. look better because of it and am tauter and tighter,legs no longer like sparrows ankles..:)

  • My shape has changed faster than my weight. I like the new me that is standing taller ( stronger core) and is leaner around hips and tum. I like the fact that a run will give me energy to get on with the decorating. I like the view from the moral high ground!!!! I'm less impressed with weight loss even using Slimming World but things are heading in the right direction albeit slowly. I'm happier in my skin since starting this running lark!

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