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Body Fat pt 2

I also found this video, by the very splendid Alan Thrall quite eye-opening. In it he, and then various members of his gym, undergo hydrostatic bodyfat testing. You get to guess the bodyfat percentages of the various people from a range of options. The results are quite surprising. I study this sort of stuff quite a lot but still managed to get most of them wrong, and the ones I was most confident on having rigth were generally the ones I was wrong on.

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Very interesting clip. I got most of them wrong and a few right. I looked mainly at muscles meaning more muscles less fat but I think I should have looked at height and weight instead. I also got it wrong mainly with the females.


Very interesting stuff and that Thrall chappie is, well, enthralling isn't he? 

Good to see lots of different bodies, and presented well.

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He is an interesting chap. Prior to his career as beardy muscle dude he was a U.S. marine, bodyguard to the President and pall bearer at Arlington.

His instruction videos are some of the best I have seen.


A really interesting series of posts. Thanks for posting. Also I found them quite positive--particularly the images with advice for getting in shape---it seems more doable to look at it in that way. 


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