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2 fat 2 run

Well that,s how i felt in Dec 2016 so i started a healthy eating program (Marisa Peer healthy eating )and less alcohol (shame)

At the time i was my usual Adult weight around 115 kg

By the end of Feb i was down to about 90 kg.

Let me say did not follow the program to the letter as Marisa says its not cast in stone its a guide .

But it certainly worked for me .

I have since then lost another 4 Kg the weight loss has slowed down to about .5 kg per week which i think is a good amount which will level off at some point but i would like to loose a little more .

It was suggested by" Irish-john" that i should change my nickname to" 2fit2sit" a week or two ago and i quite like that .

Others have also suggested maybe a new nickname is needed.

Having given the matter some thought i have decided that I will wait untill I graduate

then i will change my nickname .

May i say again thanks for all the likes comments and support to all of you

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Fantastic weight loss!! well done and yes you need a new name :D

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Hi there well I'm not going to call you that because like irishjohn I too think that you should change it to 2fit2sit which I'm sure fits you well. Congrats on losing all your weight and keep the good running up. Looking forward to your graduation party!!!! Will that be soon? 😄😄

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Good for you, 2fit2sit! Well done. :)


Well done!!!!!!! ☺☺☺


Brilliant achievement. Definitely need to change to 2fit2sit now :)


Well done - it's such a good feeling. Very proud of you X


Thanks newrunner see you made it through hope to be there in another 8 runs 7 after today


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