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Week 1, Run 3 - Full winter coat and woolly hat

More weird weather, a carpet of thick white snow and pelted by hail! What's going on? I ran (it's mostly walk though right?) with my coat, scarf and woolly hat on. A duffle coat, no clever technical sports wear here. Felt odd. To any passers by it must have looked odd, like I was on the run. An escapee mad man loose, legging it, panting, arms flailing, police called. Part of the whole wearing the 'PE kit' thing is, I'm sure, just a visual flag to others to say don't be alarmed - look see, Lycra! - I'm doing 'jogging'. I'd gladly run in jeans, t-shirt and cardigan if I didn't feel like I'd be tackled to the floor by an over enthusiastic PCSO.

As its Friday I thought I'd do a weekly weigh in. So everything off then, yes even the socks. And glasses. Freshly toileted (uh), shaved, breathing out and if I hold my arms and position my feet... just... right, squint, shuffle a bit and stick my tongue out: I'm down 0.8kg or was that 0.3 as cannot see. Whatever, I'm calling it a success, to the spreadsheet!

In the metric spirit of C25K I'm sticking with kg. It means, of course, that I have no idea what 0.8 means. But that's okay, I don't want to know. Good to be detached from all that... weight stuff... a little. Ideally I'd use grains and apothecaries' scruples but my scales don't seem to have that. Just as long as the direction of change is noted. No, I don't want to get obsessed with the numbers too much and start counting calories, alcohol units and generally dieting. After saying all that: down 0.8. Oooh goody, am thin as rake. (v.v.g. excellent /bridget)

Pleased that I'm braving this weather, would be so easy to put it off. Real legitimate excuse of hail and snow but I promised myself there are no excuses. Well, we'll see how long that lasts I doubt I could do week 5 in full winter garb.

That's week 1 done then. Reading my old posts on here from yonks ago I seemed to be making a hearty meal of week 1. This has gone surprisingly well. No sore legs or shins. Dare I say it's been kind of easy??

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haha I'm sure you would have weighed so much more before shaving!


Ha ha ! Brilliant post , oh it's got everything , action , drama , hardcore weather , a madman on the loose in a duffle coat .Lots of laughs too :-) 

You are stark raving bonkers , you do know that don't you Hmm ? 

Well done Steve 

Onwards , Huzzah ! xxx

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Hilarious post! 😂 Hahaha! Love it. You have a way with words Steve. Well done on surviving week 1. I can't wait to read all about your forthcoming runs. *still laughing* 😂


You're funny! Keep the posts coming :-) And good luck with week 2 x


Running in a duffle coat - that's a new one. We've had running in walking boots, but not duffle coats. It sounds horribly warm! Would loved to have seen you😎


I think you may be my soulmate, measuring weight in kilos and wearing a duffle coat, would go very nicely with my long knitted skirt. 

I nearly kept my dress on for tonight's run and I've run in my active sandals and cut off jeans in hot weather (and was fast... for me)

Some bloke, bless him, did do the first few runs in dress shoes...


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