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Week 7 complete!


Very happy to announce the completion of my third run of week 7 today morning! 

I did my W7R1 last Saturday and flew out on business travel to US on Sunday afternoon.  On Monday morning, I wake up early and go for the W7R2 at 6AM. 

One of my colleagues in the US office suggested to check out a river trail half a mile from my hotel. I did find the trail to run by a river (that has no water :) ). And I did complete my third run by this trail. 

Wow, I cannot believe that I can now run for 25 mins. And I am addicted to running - it is a great way to explore any place no matter where you travel in the world. 

On to week 8 runs now :) 

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Wonderful- well done!

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What part of the US did you travel to? Its brave of you to run in parts unknown to yourself!


I travelled to San Jose, California - a great weather this week 😊


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