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The age of miracles is not past!

....because here I am at the far end of the first run of week 9!! I was so looking forward to it, or, more correctly, the idea of it! Aren't there a lot of us graduating around Christmas time? It's lovely isn't it?

So, should finish on Saturday, whatever the weather

My, it was filthy and dark when I decided to go out. Wasn't able to go at a more sensible time of day because I am very sensibly decorating the bedroom just two weeks before Christmas (twit!). It's so gloomy I can hardly see what I'm doing and the light casts crazy shadows. Not helped by husband pointing out bits missed. 😡 ( allow me to introduce myself: Old Trout, soon to be widow of this parish!)

Anyway, kitted out and hoping for a reason to appear to stop me going out! But once that jangly music rings out and the Lovely Laura introduces herself you just can't help it can you?

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Well done! I start week 9 tomorrow with a plan to graduate on excited!!


You go girl!

It will be amazing... I finished last Saturday....and it was!

Why do we do these silly things like decorating, just before Christmas... why do husbands say such silly things... mine pointed out that I had not balanced the holly on the pictures evenly enough! Duh!

You get out there and do it... you will be so glad that you did! :)


It's almost as if they have to justify their contribution to a project by being "a critical friend" since there was no more concrete help!! Oh well, you get used to it after nearly forty years. Still winds me up though...

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Brilliant OT , you are so nearly there ! This will be one of the best ever Christmas presents you could ever give yourself - Fantastic !

Onwards , always ! :-) xxx


I start week 9 tomorrow too so we'll all be chasing those Xmas graduate badges together! Have fun on those last three runs! :-) x


You are all so far ahead of me but I love it that you'll all be graduating around Christmas. Instead of curling up in front of the tv munching mince pies we will be out pounding the empty streets this year. Will be a bit different....


Yes we will! I think most of us will be glad of the chance to escape the fandango that is Christmas. Give someone else a chance to get stuck into the pots and the remnants of the cleaning up.

Christmas Day Graduates sounds perfect. I hope you all treat yourselves to a Graduation Gift. Sales on Boxing Day remember!


My OH suggested decorating pre Christmas - I put my foot down and said it could wait til January - friends/family should be coming to see us- not the state of our walls! That said, I'll probably regret it in January - I hate decorating - well clearing the room so I can decorate :)

How brill you graduate for Christmas, maybe you could find a parkrun for your final run - wouldn't that be awesome! And a nice shiny graduation badge for Christmas:)


Brilliant OT. I'm doing W9 run 1 on Friday. All being well I'll graduate on Christmas Eve - what a great present that will be!


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