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Back to the drawing board

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Today is 4 weeks since I fell down the stairs at the tube station (oh the shame!) and injured my MCL and I'm finally heading back to the gym tonight with knee support in tow to get cracking on my couch to 5k again!

Have been swimming the last couple of weeks at least but think the running is going to be really tough again so not really looking forward to it. All words of encouragement appreciated!

9 Replies
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Good luck for tonight then! Remember to be gentle with yourself - it's most important to let the body heal, and to bring it back to strength gently, and not to overdo things in your excitement at being back to running! ;)

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well done for taking the time - being fit and healthy and all healed up is the most important thing. Good you've been able to swim. Take it slow tonight - don't push yourself too far too fast and set yourself back - slow and steady wins the race!

Good luck and well done :)

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If youve been swimming in the meantime, the cardio part shouldnt be too bad. If the knees still hurts, stop.

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Oh dear, you have my sympathy. I once fell the length of the station platform when I was wearing skyscraper heels and was on all fours trying to get up when my shoulder bag, which unbeknown to me was whirling towards my head, hit me on the back of my head full force. I think I had half a brick in there ! I was already mortified but that was the icing on the cake. I had black tights on and both knees were ripped. Only my pride was hurt though.

I hope you'll soon be fit to run again. The swimming should have helped with your puff. You only need to go very steadily once you're back to running. There's no hurry to speed up or anything. Just go nice and steady and be chilled about it. Good luck

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Natalie23 in reply to misswobble

Oh gosh! Sounds like your adventures at the station are MUCH worse than mine, I literally tripped down a few steps and twisted my knee. Was on my way back from the gym too!

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Ouch...hope you go on okay.. or went on okay.. take it steady and be kind to yourself.

Slow and steady is definitely the way :)

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Oh Natalie ouch! Those everyday accidents can knock you back. I was hurrying out the door to get my daughter off to a violin audition and we were running late. Not sure what happened, think I turned to say something to her as I went down the (1) step from the door. Fell awkwardly and messed up my ankle. Had to walk and drive anyway and that took ages to heal. Looking at that step, I really don't see how it happened. I play tennis and it seems much more likely you'd hurt yourself doing that.

How did it go at the gym? Were your knees alright?

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Didn't go quite so well as I'd hoped last night at the gym, managed to do about half of week 1 run 1 before my knee started hurting so I called it quits after 15 mins and went for a swim. Felt good to get moving again though, guess I'll just build up to walking/running for half an hour.

Taking a rest day today but hopefully back at it tomorrow.

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Hope all went ok ... well done for getting back on the horse so to speak but take it easy, listen to your body and don't push too hard. And why is it, that when we come a cropper anywhere, there always has to be an obligatory audience ... ??!! :-)

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