Stamina, hailstones and crowd control

After feeling a bit ashamed of myself for not bothering to head out at 6 am, I was able to rearrange my schedule and fit in a late morning run. I ran for about 20 min and switched on the stamina podcast. Shudder, but got through the music. Other than that, quite like stamina. About half way in the heavens opened. Had to happen, right? Gimungous hailstones, invigorating but thankfully short interlude. I looked ahead to see a group of 6, walking abreast, arms interlocked. They were stopping now and again to check they were synchronised. Someone kept putting the left leg forward instead of the right and they couldn't figure out who the culprit was. Engrossed in this tantalising problem, they were deaf to everything around them and a little queue had built up, hoping to get past. I puffed up and in the best WW2 film fashion, shouted, "achtung!". Boy, for elderly people they sprang aside fast. Seemed a good natured lot though, gave me smiles and waves as I went through their midst, bit like Moses drawing my people behind me.

All in all, enjoyed it.


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13 Replies

  • I worry about you if you're ashamed for not running at 6:00 when most people are only thinking about crawling out of bed then :o  

    Lovely imagine of the sea of old folk parting for you :D

  • Don't worry. I am not that far gone. This early morning running is very new to me. It is really nice to run before all the noise, bustle and traffic starts up. I'm joining a new choir soon which rehearses Thursday evenings so the only way I can still manage a Thursday run is if I go out before work. I'm sort of in training but I have found I like it so much better than running late afternoon or early eve that I generally run around 6am Mondays and Sat too. 

  • brilliant... and I love early morning as not many cars- hate the fumes!!

  • Same here i go at 6am, tried running evenings but couldn't really get into it and kept going out later and later but managed to find a morning routine up and out in 10 mins back home in time to get the lazy teenage daughter up for school plus where i live is a seaside tourist town so the evenings will be getting busier and busier soon.

  • I like running in the evenings too. I actually did the whole programme running in the dark, winter evenings but now I prefer to run when it is light. I don't do much before I leave in the morning, a glass of water and a couple of stretches, get dressed obviously and that's about it. I have to try not to wake the others up too, wouldn't be appreciated none of them are early risers. Makes me feel quite virtuous being the only one up.

  • That too definitely! Also like that the wildlife is not so wary. See more rabbits, squirrels, even foxes. Not much more than that though being in a city.

  • Yes.. we elderly folk do strange things.. maybe check my post out later :) :)

    Well done you, for battling the elements and dodging the hailstones! They can really hurt if they are large.. 

    I love the morning runs.. and not a lot of us wrinklies about at that time....

    Love the idea of the parting of the waves...and the chosen ones following you.. wonderful :)

  • What batty antics have you been up to then? Hailstones can be pretty darn big! Had to untie my jacket and dig out my hat in the middle of my run for a bit of protection - which probably looked strangely contorted. Since I was in the fast phase of the run, I couldn't really slow down to do it. Not many other crackpots out in that crap weather watching me at least!

  • Every cloud and all that!!! You did brilliantly! Go YOU!

  • We have bears all over our town, I'd need some bear spray before I headed out that early.

  • Wow bears, dunno if I'd be up to that! Amazing, where are you?

  • I live in Raton, New Mexico. I am at 6300 feet above sea level. So when I go up hill, just start adding.  The Climax Canyon trail hits 7000 feet. Our 5K will be there on May 14th.

    We are 7 miles south of the Colorado Border at the base of the Rocky Mountains on the Eastern slope. There are no adjoining cities to us. It's 20 minutes drive to the next city north of us and 40 minutes to the south, then 2 hours more to the next in each direction. Wild life is teaming around here. Bears love to come into the city to dumpster dive. No one can have a garbage can in their yard for household waste. The city provides dumpsters and the bears figure out how to get into them.

    We also have huge cougars here. So, running on a trail early in the morning or late evening is risky. But daytime use of the trails are generally safe especially if you are in a group. I am always alone so I never go early or late. It's late  morning to early afternoon for me. 

  • Sounds like a fabulous place to live but running at that altitude in summer with predators about isn't for the faint hearted!

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