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5k plus, speed , stamina, stepping stones and sugar


having graduated from c to 5k , i have started on the k plus plan, I loved the speed one but have struggled with the stepping stones and stamina ones. i have been on a calorie controlled diet since new year and in the last 2 weeks have given up sugar. I feel a bit funny , but put that down to my body adjusting, but i just seem to run out of energy soon into a run and have to stop.. im a bit of a tubs so its not like i will run out of fat reserves any time soon.. any ideas?

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Try a banana if you like them about an hour before you run, it always gives me a boost to get through runs. Before I took a break from running I enjoyed the speed podcast and the stepping stones one, the latter was tougher than the former I thought and I never did get through the stamina one the couple of times I tried.

I've just finished week 5 of c25k, hoping to take on the stamina and win once I graduate. Keep it up, I am sure you'll do it at some point :)

P.S I've got about 7 stone to lose so know what its like to be a tubs and run, it is hard but we get out there and we get there :)


I tried stepping stones once and failed never went back to it but speed yup love it !


Great podcasts..I was about to start Stamina when the dreaded lurgy got me!!! Been repeating the other two to get back up to par!

Are you sure you've got your diet balanced properly... you probably have, but just a thought, only ' cos if it is correct then you should have more energy?

Maybe it is all a bit too soon... diet and sugar etc.. give your body chance to adjust..?

Big changes for you, so take it slow and steady...keep us posted? :)


Hiya. I too gave up sugar and caffeine in the New Year but I've been lucky not to have any fatigue. I'm vegan so I long ago learned to get my energy from nuts and seeds. A 30 gram portion of almonds or mixed raw nuts usually gives me what I need to get through a run. Good luck!!

Could be withdrawal symptoms. Have some protein before you head out? Couple of slices of meat with mustard?

You might want to consider a healthy eating plan instead of calorie controlled diet that bans certain foods such as sugar. I was pretty fat a year ago-the thought of getting on the scales was too humiliating so I don't know how much I weighed but I took around a size 18. I started c25k as a challenge but didn't diet, I just was more careful about what I ate. Something happened during c25k which changed the type of foods I craved which combined with exercise started a slow weight loss. I'm now size 10-12 and will be running a hm soon. I'm sure I could have lost weight much more quickly on a calorie controlled diet but I'm not sure if I could have stuck to it and kept the weight off as I've done that before and it's miserable! Some one suggested having nuts and seeds-that's great advice and something else that's helped me loose weight.


I don't normally eat a lot of sugar, I don't really like cakes, jam, or chocolate, but I have found I either run out of energy on a run or worse, after I've finished I can feel really drained. So, I started putting quite a lot of sugar on my pre-run porridge and that has done the trick. That said, I am not trying to lose weight, so you will have to experiment and find what works for you. The suggestion about bananas is a good one. You have to fuel those runs somehow xx


Can I say a big thank you for the replies and encouragement from everyone, its made one heck of a difference. Think with stopping sugar I just wasnt getting enough calories to get through this and I felt beat . However, sun shine today and armed with my fave woolly hat and trainers , ( fave, not woolly) and banana consumed I set off on my third stamina podcast having aborted the first 2 early on....I found I wasnt tripping and skipping and yelling 1234 in my head and panicking, I just went with it, and guess what? I ran, a longer time, further distance and faster than ever before, Id done 5k before the last 5 minutes, am so chuffed . It is a bit tricky, but my whole technique changed, and my steps were shorter, quicker and lighter.Even up hills where I usually lean forward slow right down and take bigger strides, became just a case of shortening my stride a little, and keeping to the beat. the last energising 5 minutes I thought would be going hell for leather till I collapsed, but again its just light short quick steps. I really hated this podcast but after today I love it , and Im over the moon. Thanks to all for helping me stick to it and pushing me through the tough stuff..... 3 pancakes for me.. yum!!

try eating fruit and a banana before you run mite help..also a coffee n hour before i run helps me


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