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Germs go away!

So the last few weeks I have been eating really healthily- cut out anything with added sugar, eating good clean stuff. But I have had one bug after another, dry cough cleared up, then felt sick giddy and headachy for a few days, now cough has returned,sore throat,giddiness remains. I remember when I lost weight a few years ago I picked up every germ going. My aim is not weight loss this time just clean eating.Has anyone had this problem? I have not run much in the last few weeks.should I just run still regardless? All symptoms are mild but annoying and o feel under the weather. Dosed up on Vitamin c and getting plenty of sleep. I work in an environment where I am surrounded by germs but I thought I had gotten quite a good immune system over the years but ugh pants at the moment!😁

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An immune system is an immune system. It either works or it doesn't. This idea of strengthening it is a bit of a nonsense put about by the alt health supplement industry. Extra vitamin C is a bit of a myth as well.

Cutting out sugar and processed foods shouldn't make you feel crap. If you have cut out all carbs you can go through what is called the Low Carb Flu for a couple of weeks while your body adjusts.


Mmm, guess there is no correlation then ;rather it is coincidental. Still not going back to the White stuff except for occasional treats. Don't like the idea of low carbing so won't be trying that.


I found the opposite to be honest when I started cutting out the crap and eating well, have hardly picket up any bugs but it must be really frustrating for you. I am no expert but would suggest carrying on with the running if your symptoms are only mild but listen to your body and maybe go slower than you would normally or take extra rest days.  Hope you are feeling better soon.


Thanks actually went for a run this evening and felt fine. Hoping I have waved goodbye to all the bugs.


Well done on cleaning up your diet. You will benefit in the long run.  You've just picked up stuff doing the rounds.  I know what you mean though. My husband eats terribly badly, works at the front end of the NHS, brings home every germ known to science but never gets ill. He passes his germs on to me!  Bah!


Yes tia annoying isn't it. I have sons who eat junk food but can hop on a bike and cycle and are really fit but fill up on rubbish!


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