Go-faster clothes?!?

Thank you to those who posted about the running clothes due to be in Aldi this week. I drove down there this morning and am quite impressed with the range and quality of them. I bought a couple of tops and two pairs of shorts plus a pair of just below knee running trousers. Had a trying on session at home. You'll have to wait for photos because the weight gain from giving up smoking shows massive bulges where there never used to be any! I must get back on the healthy eating again to lose the weight and get toned like I used to be a few months ago.

As to whether the new gear will make me run any faster - that remains to be seen. Psychologically, it should do. If anyone is looking for new running gear then Aldi is well worth a look. Best wishes.


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  • ha I like the idea of go faster clothes, I could use some of those. I'd not seen the earlier post so thanks for letting us know they're in, I've bought a top and a jacket before and they've washed brilliantly. Good luck with your runs in your new kit!

  • I was down there this afternoon. Even walked miles to a nearest Aldi with my little toddler in pushchair to get some gear. I was very happy too! Brought a top - I've got loads of tops now and some running socks. I was very impressed with the range. I wasn't sure about the sleeveless gilet things cos I get hot quickly when I run. Red in face and everything. :-)

  • Hooray for walking miles for new running gear. I did too. Thankfully, with only a backpack, not a toddler and stroller!

  • Ha ha, the colour was exactly my reason for avoiding the magenta vest! Don't want my face to match, not a good look.

  • Ooo I didn't think! Blush.... Oh well....Sure it will be fit for purpose at least. :-D

  • I went down to Aldi today and had a look as I've been waiting for this stock to arrive for a few days since seeing the weekly email newsletter they send out. I ended up only getting a water bottle and some running socks - no trying on needed with any of that. As everything was packaged up I didn't want to risk picking a size or not being convinced how they looked or quality-wise. I've also been buying stuff from SportsDirect for a bit cheaper than this so didn't really need the clothing bits. If things had been open and I could have tried on a jacket I may have given it a punt though. I always enjoy browsing around their stuff though as they have a strange eclectic collection of things for sale from one week to the next.

  • Do what I do open & try on the shop floor . Only the tops not the bottoms lol ( have a vest top on )

  • I did this. LOL

  • Looks like quite a few of us been today I got above the knee leggings , & the zipped short sleeve top , orange top , & the purple top wi shirt sleeves . Can't wait to get em on & running .

  • My son went for socks but they had all gone. Their running stuff gets snapped up so you have to get in quick. Well done everyone who got some stuff

  • I got some socks as well , they are comfy as

  • I nipped in after work (it was a scrum, most of it had gone) and got three tops and some socks - all surprisingly nice. The short shorts are going back because they are practically see through!

  • I got long sleeve top and jacket and like rockette tried on in shop But manager told me I couldn't try on - but he was too late He was very polite about it Also told me they have 60day ( had to ask him twice that he didn't mean 6 days cos that's long time) return policy so just suggested I took some home to choose from Impressed with feel of fabric but guess first outing will be the test

  • Lol nobody ever told me not to try on , I do it all the time . Better watch out now , but there sizing are so different !

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