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W1R1 - done

After finally being ready to start on Monday after 2 weeks of poorliness i went out and did W1R1 and managed to do it all.  Obviously the use of the term 'run' is very loosely interpreted as its a very very slow jog but it's a faster movement than normal and one i am currently very proud of :) onwards and errrm onwards.....not planning on any upwards yet, just the straight, i'll build any hills in further down the road.

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Well done for getting started. Good luck sticking to it and keep letting us know how you get on. 


Great post :-D looking forward to reading about your journey. Remember the runners 10 commandments :-) especially number 4.


Just starting out and that's the first time I've seen the 10 commandments. Very useful :) thank you!

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