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Help please - breathing post chest infection

Ok I need some serious help please.  I had a nasty chest infection six weeks ago and am still coughing.  I have a month of training left till my big event in belvoir castle.  I was running fine ,  including distances  around 6 min km.. But now I am oh so breathless - I tried slowing right down even to 8 min km but I still can't control the breathing, literallly, gaspin for breath.

 Do I take a break or train through.  I am just about struggling , but just aboutto doindg 12 km but have 10 miles to do in  a month.  what are your thoughts  please !!!

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If you are still coughing and can't control your breathing then do not run. You are not improving your running and you are delaying your recovery.

If you recover fully in time for your big event, great. If you have to walk/run it, then that's fine too. If you wreck yourself in the meanwhile you won't be able to do it at all. 


Thanks rig bold.  Appreciate it,  I guess I knew this in my heart, I was just wanted to play my part in a team event.  I just can run far enough at the moment.  I am so sad as I have worked do hard


Sound advice


If you're still coughing six weeks later, you should go back to see your doctor. There will always be events to run - so listen to your body and give it a break until it's better. If you beat it into submission them you won't complete the run OR get better - "mind over matter" can't work with your health, so please take care of yourself before thinking about intensive training. 


Stop running. :) You need to recover... :)

Runs will be there in the future.. make sure you are there running them :)


Agree with all the advice already given. I had a cold that lasted two months. I was desperate to graduate so I ran too soon. It delayed my full recovery another couple of weeks. There is some nasty chest infection/cold that has been going around that lingers so take care of yourself. My neurologist told me to take a load of vitamins as he thought it was post viral syndrome. 


Thanks everone. I went to the doctor.  . I have post viral asthma.  My peak flow was poor. ( less than 200). So no running until it improves . Lots of medication.  I couldn't run through this one.  If it rings a bell to anyone, please take care !!! 

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