Planning to run but foiled again!

I was planning to start running again today(havent run for a couple of weeks due to wanting to keep on top of washing and xmas planning) and actually do a run outside but again the good old british weather has intervened and it is chucking it down with no signs of stopping.

I know some people like running in the rain but I dont have a suitable coat that will keep me dry but not make me too hot when running - may wait and see if it stops.

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  • I'm sick of this weather now ... How I long for a run on a dry, sunny frosty morning :-(

  • Good old British weather, bless her. If you wait for it to be dry, you could be waiting for ages! I got a lightweight running jacket from Sports Direct, its not too warm but is ok for a light shower. Good luck, Ed x

  • Thanks BigEd

    However i find most of the jackets in sports direct are not big enough for me! and I refuse to buy bigger. I have lost over one and a half stone in 9 months but have a long way to go.

    May go the gym tomorrow for a run on treadmill instead just to get my running started,.

  • I don't have anything waterproof to run in. I tend to hope it's not raining, but if it is I just run that little bit harder to stay warm. Once I'm thoroughly soaked through I don't notice it anymore.... that's normal, right? :p

  • I've just finished the longest gap between runs I've had - 10 days with a bug and Christmas. There was no way I was waiting for the weather to improve. I thought "Well, I'll have to wear my rain jacket or a hoody or something - it's too cold, too wet and I'm just getting back into this" But in the end I ran with just a t shirt on top and it was absolutely fine. Yes I got wet up to my calves (deep puddles) and yes, my t shirt got wet on one side (bramble grabbed me and threw me down on moss) - but it isn't like I was going to have to sit in those clothes all day (blocked the sink rinsing off the peat)

    I often find that if you just make your mind up and do it, the weather eases back a bit and you often get an extra reward too. Yesterday I was flabberghasted to see a beautiful sunset (given that the sun hadn't made an appearance all day)

  • I've resorted to a temporary gym membership!!! It's not the rain do much but the wind that makes it such a struggle, I live on the coast so there's no shelter from it :-(

  • Oh the wind is something entirely different. I think I could run through sleet and hail easier than wind! Today I felt like I was running backwards at one point!

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