Family reunited and planning to tackle W5R3 tomorrow...eek

I really can't believe I'm even tackling this... I would have preferred to run in the park again where we ran when my sister was away as we didn't have a car, as it's so smooth and flat, not the lumpy, bumpy, tree rooty, up and downhill wooded place where we run when my sister is here but I think she wants to run in the woods again, so.... I'll report back tomorrow...

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  • Variety is the spice of life :-D or so the saying goes. Have to say I am a creature of habit & so far have only run one route. It's the tree rooty bit that would have me worried. Hope you all return without mishap :-)

  • My sister relented and agreed to run in the park today (although brought her dogs which caused her a few issues!); I think the lure was that we were telling her that it had felt easier in the park as the terrain was so much smoother, and she was fighting a migraine so thought that would feel better.

    It went great today! :-)

  • Fab. That's the way to do it πŸ˜‚

  • Good luck. I'm sure it will be fine! :) :)

  • My sister agreed to run in the park today .

    It went great today! I feel a bit superstitious saying this as don't want to hex it but it felt surprisingly easy today running 20 minutes- we were amazed :-)

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