How long to get better?

I hurt my calf muscle two weeks ago doing week5 run 1. I've been resting since and it's still no better and I am so frustrated and worried at losing the running stamina I have gained (Have done four weeks but now nothing for two)  I can walk about 5 mins ok now but then it gets painful.  Any idea how long this will go on for? Am so fed up!!

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  • Sorry to hear about your injury, read the link..

  • I had calf problems that seemed to go on forever despite stopping running for a while. Then I bought a pair of calf sleeves from Amazon The result was amazing.

  • Thanks. Strangely I had just ordered these! They are quite tight but I have been wearing them when out and about. Thanks. 

  • I do think you should see a GP or physio to get a proper diagnosis and help with rehab. I had a nasty calf tear last year and I was out of runnig for about 10/11 weeks, plus a couple of false starts back. Hopefully, yours isn't anywhere as bad but if it is a tear, it will need to heal fully before you recommence running or you will risk further injury. Sorry, this wasn't what you wanted to hear - but definately get a medical opinion. Sending healing vibes your way🙂

  • Thanks and yes I think I need to as it seems to be getting worse. I hope to get a GP appointment later this week. 

  • Oh, poor you😯. I would definately get it checked out soon if you feel it is getting worse. Let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed for you.

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