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Just Got To Do It - I Did it!!!!

I have never blogged before, was waiting for a special occasion and here it is...Yesterday i completed week 9 - run 3. I have GRADUATED, Yipeeeee!!!! Hand on heart i have enjoyed every week. I have also sent my husband insane over the last 9 weeks as this is all i talk about. But bless him, he has been very supportive and encouraging.

What have i enjoyed the most - its my 'me time' away from our two adorable, very active children!

My plans - to carry on running 3 times a week (next one is scheduled for tomorrow), and for now, i'm also going to carry on listening to Laura. I kind of enjoy her company and the bad taste in music. Give me a couple of weeks and i going to take part in my first Park Run. I like to be ambitious!!!

I may have not blogged before but i have been on this site nearly every day for the last nine weeks enjoying everyones comments and encouragement. You are all so amazing!

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Firstly congratulations, feels fantastic doesn't it :D

Secondly pop on here to tell us about your running if hubby gets bored :-)


Congratulations! I am only on week 6 but I also can't stop talking about running. I have two small children and I find the running really helps me stay sane. Good luck with your Parkrun plans.



As you may have noticed when reading on here, first-time parkrunners often blog about it - there's something really nice and encouraging about knowing someone else somewhere is also doing their first parkrun at the same time as you (especially if, like me, you are expecting to be last!) So now you've started, do keep blogging. :)

And don't forget to ask for your graduate badge (Feedback button in the green bar).


Congratulations! I needed to read that. I am a mum to two littlies also and i find that my runs are the only real me time in the days too! It makes it all the more enjoyable. Well, until today that is, had an awful run...

Must be a great feeling to graduate, I am on week 7 so a couple more weeks for me.

Anyway, well done! cris :)


Congratulations! Go get your badge..... I'm hoping to graduate at the weekend too and will then think about signing up for my first Park Run in a month or so, so I'd be interested to hear how you get on.

I'm another one with two small children and I've found that I really enjoy having a bit of headspace to myself three times a week. Oh, and I've talked my husband's ear off about C25K to the point where he's caved and is going to have a try himself!

Anyway, enjoy your achievement and keep us posted.


Well done! It's such a buzz isn't it. Go get your badge and keep on running!

I have to confess that I have talked running non-stop ever since I started.....


Thank you for all your lovely comments guys! you're such a friendly bunch!!!

Good Luck to Skendras, Crismatlotta and Birdie74. Not long to go now! How exciting!!!!

I'm off to get that Badge...i sooooo want that badge. x


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