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Week 4 run 1 done

After struggling in the last run of week 3 day 3 on Saturday I wasn't looking forward to starting week 4 tonight - especially as I had a stomach which felt a bit dodgy.

That might well have done me good as I kept the pace down as much as I could - I won't pretend it was easy but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle and I feel much better now than before I set out. Beginning to realise this is largely mind over matter - you don't think you can do it but you realise that if you just get a steady pace and keep going it will take care of itself

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Well done on going out if you didn't feel too good.

I was dreading this one too because it's a big jump, just did it yesterday.

We can run for 5 minutes!!!  yey! :-D

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Hi David - congratulations on completing your first W4 run! I'm glad you feel better as well. I'll be thinking of you when I do my next W4...


You are so right - the programme looks after the physical side of it and you are really dealing with the mental side. As you will see from all the talk of gremlins on here. 

Well done, you will be half way in no time.


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